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Center of Effort 2008 Chardonnay


Center of Effort’s

2008 Chardonnay

Harvest Date: September 18, 23; October 6; Block 3, partial Block 1& 2

Aged:18 months in French oak barrels; Nevers and Allier

Bottling Date: April 15, 2010

Alc. 14.5%

Production: 294 cases

2008_Chardonnay 250.jpg

Center of Effort’s 2008 Chardonnay is distinguished by its elegant weight, brisk acidity and layered richness. Only the finest Chardonnay blocks of the vintage are identified and designated for Center of Effort. These blocks are hand picked at varying stages of maturation under the direction of consulting winemaker Mike Sinor. This approach gives Mike a palette of varietal “colors” from which to paint a natural tapestry of flavor, texture and acidity.
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Center of Effort 2008 Chardonnay

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In the foothills of the western Edna Valley in the Central Coast of California, lies a landmark estate vineyard, its roots spanning three decades. Over the years, each member of the family -- the Swanson's and the Rossi's -- was personally touched by this land in one way or another.

They now come full circle, returning to create something special and inspired. The resulting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are exquisite and noble while representing the intersection of caretaking, skill and commitment.

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The Center of Effort estate vineyard is pitched along south-facing slopes in the western Edna Valley, just 4.5 miles from the Pacific shoreline. The vineyard unfolds along an uplifted ancient dune. The soil is rocky and sandy, in contrast to the thicker clay soils found elsewhere in the valley. The vines achieve natural balance in this ground, with limited vigor and low yields. The lean, sandy soil is ultimately a differentiating factor in the Chardonnay, expressing itself with sleek complexity and nuanced flavors.

“There is nothing expedient in our winemaking approach. We embrace the detailed, labor-intensive methods that are required to produce the finest wines. Even then, only a handful of elite lots from each vintage are ultimately deemed worthy for designation under the Center of Effort label.

The resulting Chardonnay, we believe, is without parallel. It represents the intersection of caretaking, skill and commitment—truly a ‘Center of Effort.’”

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Winemaking at Center of Effort

"Our winemaking philosophy is to honor the natural character of the fruit while bringing an added dimension of artistry to the wine. We make our wines in small handcrafted lots, always with a gentle touch, and frequently relying on experienced intuition to guide our decisions. For aging, we use only premium French oak barrels that are coopered to our precise specifications.

We also emphasize native fermentations, often favoring the vineyard’s natural yeasts over commercial yeasts. While native fermentations are more challenging, we believe them necessary to achieve the textural depth that is a hallmark of our wines."

Bill Swanson, Rob and Laurie Rossi, Cheryl Swanson


Rob Rossi and Bill Swanson, proprietors of Center of Effort, share deep roots in the San Luis Obispo region. Their partnership, in some ways, is a homecoming. Rob was one of the architects for the original estate facility, and Bill developed a longtime fondness for the property after first experiencing the wine and the setting when the winery opened 30 years ago.

Rob and Bill have traveled extensively over the years, savoring some of the world’s finest wines along the way. With Center of Effort, they endeavor, with their families, to bring their unique experiences together, and to share their vision and commitment for world-class wines from their estate vineyard in the Edna Valley. They have taken charge of far-reaching enterprises and understand those leadership challenges, but they know well that creative greatness requires fine-tuning and focus, especially when it comes to consummate, estate winemaking.

Rob is an entrepreneur, architect and winegrower, and the founder of Rossi Enterprises in Avila Beach. He is a Vietnam veteran of the U.S. Navy, graduating from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo with a degree in architecture. Rob’s multifaceted interests emphasize historic renovations and reuse projects, and he is a member of the Cal Poly President’s Cabinet.

Bill is Chairman and CEO of Raytheon Company, a Fortune 100 leader in aerospace technology and innovation. Bill graduated magna cum laude from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo with a degree in engineering. Bill is on various public and private Boards including the Cal Poly Foundation.